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SNC London Professionals Network is a SEND consultancy, training, and networking company. We are experts on all aspects of SEND with lived experience. We are your local network of informed and empowered community champions and SEND specialists. We specialise in SEND provision in all the boroughs of London and we are here to help you train, upskill and network with lots of other professionals in the SEND community.

This network platform was specifically created to support SEND professionals, staff, and leaders of organisations in their roles supporting families from LA, Health partners, and leaders of their parent carer forums.

Find out what is happening in SEND and how we can support you to stay informed.

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Contact us at info@SNCLondon.co.uk to find out how we can support you. Browse our products and services and get in contact if you would like a chat about your needs. CLICK HERE

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Watch out for our special publication:

London SEND 360 Newsletter.

Find out who is who in the SEND sector in London. You will discover a bird’s eye view of the whole of the sector, who the key decision makers and stakeholders are, and opportunities to grow your network.

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