Who are our services for?

  • You are new to the SEND world and want to learn more about how to navigate the sector or quickly skill up for your new role.
  • You are a parent carer looking for new opportunities to supplement your family income, work around your caring responsibilities, and improve your quality of life.
  • You are already involved in a local charity or run your local parent carer forum, looking to make use of your skills and training.
  • You see an opportunity to develop a new project or service in the SEND sector but need help, support abd advice to get started.
  • You are a SEND professional or department head of an organisation who needs our unique expertise


We offer a simple membership bundle full of quality information, updates, and opportunities in the SEND Sector. These include news from national and local government departments, funding opportunities, projects, and events. We provide bite-size and summarised updates from a cross-section of the sector to help you stay abreast of developments, saving you valuable time and money you could be using to develop your organisation or reducing your workload.

Consultancy, Coaching and Mentoring

Take that leap, volunteer, get involved or start your own charity or CIC , make an impact and be the change you want to see in your local area, nationally or glablly!

Rates: 1-hour telephone or Zoom consultation, including CIC business planning, CIC set up with Companies House/CIC Regulator, general business administration or start-up advice, grant funding search, and resources (printed/electronic).

Ongoing support: 25% discount per hour

Webhosting package

Once you have decided to start your own consultancy and small organisation, we can provide a one-page web hosting and support package on our SNC London website linked to the borough you are based in. Your will clients know where to find you and you will be instantly surrounded with opportunities to network with other SEND professionals from other London boroughs.

Consultation and Community Engagement

We have years of experience working and running local PTA’s, charities, local parent carer forum and working with professionals to undertake outreach projects and consultations with different demographic and in different boroughs. We have clients and professional contacts across London. We have lived experience and understand our cohort of the community. We also know how local and national operate and what information they need.

There is a science and art to community engagement and making sure you are effectively communicating the right message to your targeted audience or soliciting feedback. We provide a targeted approach to reaching your audience with effective media and resources to secure their engagement. Email us your requirements for more information.

Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

Successful projects in the SEND sector work on the foundation of good practice and effective and equally beneficial alliances. Our network of professionals, organisations and parent carers developed on the years means we are able to identify opportunities and match people and groups for projects, funding bids, workstreams. We are experts are recruiting volunteers, community champions, board directors and likeminded individuals for specific roles. If you have a gap in the manpower, capacity for a project or role. get in touch for recommendations, introductions and support to hire the right candidate.

Project Management

We have delivered many short-term funded and unfunded projects over the years including time-sensitive consultations, capital and infrastructure projects, multimedia and mental health support programs for different groups in the community, (e.g. dads). Please email us your requirements for more information.

SEND Local Offer Development

Having being involved in the formation and inception of the SEND reforms (2008) and the Children and Families Act 2014, were heavily involved in the development of the SEND Local Offer provision in our local area and national level in consultations with the DfE, local authority, parents and local and national organisations. The Local Offer Map (for Harrow) is one of flagship projects that was developed to support the community understand and engage with the local offer on the council dedicated site. We also created a video that is been used to showcase the provision in 35 local GP surgeries.

We can offer a full-service analysis, and evaluation of your current provision. We can offer recommendations for the development of any London borough’s Local Offer provision. We can also help you market the provision to all stakeholders and provide ongoing news on the DfE’s SEND Review new implementation plan. Please see the Local Offer section of our website for more information.

Group Training

Group online or in-person training still proves to be the most cost-effective way to learn and upskill in any subject. We can provide specific basic, interactive training, or refreshers on general topics in different areas of SEND, whether it is SEND Law-related or how to engage with different parts of the community, e.g. parents, professionals, community groups, etc. Groups we have trained in the past include, school staff, SENDCOs/SENCOs, parents, social workers, parent carer forum leads (those who run their local PCFs or sit on strategy boards), Where we do not have expertise in a particular subject matter, we will buy in other experts. (e.g. IPSEA).

We can provide a certificate of attendance and achievement for more technical subjects for each attendee.

Networking and Events

We can provide event management and fundraising services. Informal coffee mornings are a great way to introduce new people and parents to a new service or consultation/project.

We will also be organising London conferences and networking in the coming year. Please email your requirements for more information.

Resource Library and Publishing

We publish a range of information and resources about and for the SEND community across many sectors (government and PCF/community) Please see our list of resources. If you need tailored and branded information or material for your audience, please email us your requirements for information.

Family Support and Case Management

Is there a particularly difficult and sensitive case(s) that require additional intensive support? We have extensive training and experience in Child Protection cases, CIN, DSR, C(E)TR where we can provide expertise to support families from different cultural backgrounds, ethnic groups, vulnerable people, and those with financial difficulties. We bring a wealth of resources and contacts with a wider network of other specialists and organisations who may be able to help and add capacity to your services. This will save your already overstretched team time, money and remove a level of complexity that can often burden social service departments.


Websites: Registered Charities are free to advertise on either of the SNC websites according to space and capacity available. Registered Non-profit organisations only pay £5 for a quarter-page slot on the SNC London sites per month. Other businesses only pay £10 for a quarter-page slot per month.

Print/electronic media (newsletters and bulletins): Registered Charities and non-profit organisations pay only £25 for each quarter page slot. other businesses pay £75 for 8 page newsletters, and half price for special topic bulletins (4 page).

Get in touch

Please dont hesitate to get in contact for more information about our products and services or if you need a make specific request.

We are also open to discussing collaborations and partnerships with suitable candidates.